“The best shapes and palettes this year."
- Tekla Evelina Severin / Sight Unseen

At Bright Volumes we design soft and colorful clothing using our signature Japanese knit. But so what! The US election changed everything and our priorities have shifted in ways we could not have predicted. The delicate wafts of inspiration that so recently sent us into spirals of creative dance, now barely bounce off the ground, so low are they in the hierarchy of feelings. One must ask, how does design help us now? Because none of this matters if we

don’t survive the next four years. Our fear and fury propel us to act. As of January 20th, 2017, we will donate 100% of profits to fight the fascist kleptocracy that is masquerading as our 45th president. We will design to defeat him!! Join us!! 

Tell your favorite store about Bright Volumes! We want to give, please give us the opportunity. Now accepting orders for SP17 delivery.



Color bomb declarations of committed resistance, designed and produced in Portland, Oregon.